Residency, exhibition and events
July 7 – September 2 2018
Opening on Friday, July 6 at 18:30
Fondazione Orestiadi, Baglio Di Stefano, Contrada Salinella, 91024 Gibellina TP.

Collective Intelligence works in residency at Fondazione Orestiadi between May 21 – July 21. Growing a Language is a trans-disciplinary project conceived by Collective Intelligence for the Orestiadi Foundation and La Lunga Notte del Contemporaneo. It includes an artistic residency leading up to an exhibition in Il Museo Delle Trame Mediterranee and a series of performances in Gibellina and its surrounding regions.

The title of the exhibition at Museo delle Trame Mediterranee uses the word growing as opposed to developing, because Collective Intelligence group wants to contest the idea of development in its entirety. Urban development for instance often excludes plants, animals, and other biological and emotional factors from its planning and implementation phases. Growing a Language exhibition wishes to amplify the relations between different creatures and their environments, being critical towards the typical rational mode of developing systems and realizing dreams.

Each participant has proposed multiple works as part of a single constellation enlightening the intersections of a complex whole. The discourse emerges from the different personalities and subjectivities of the artists and it reveals the collective intelligence of a group dealing with a concrete aim. While the constellation appears still at any moment, in reality the stars move at high speeds in different directions. The pulsing, pushing and pulling of the constellation is not revealed as organic development but as growth that is in the act of feeling and understanding. The stars and their motions are in relation to each other and everything else.


Collective Intelligence Participants

Timo Tuhkanen (FI), Egle Oddo (IT/FI), Johanna Fredriksson (FI), Alan Bulfin (IE/FI), Erika De Martino (IT/FI), Jytte Hill (DE), Ionas Amelung (DE), Marjatta Oja (FI), Antti Ahonen (FI), Saša Nemec (SI/FI), Leonardo Ruvolo (IT)



Collective Intelligence’s work is supported by the Arts Promotion Centre Finland, Frame Contemporary Art Finland, AVEK The Promotion Centre for Audiovisual Culture.

The partners are Fondazione Orestiadi, The STEBICEF Department of Palermo University, Dimora Oz, KOELSE Association of Experimental Electronics, PRO AV Saarikko, and Helsinki based Myymälä2 gallery. Collective Intelligence is seeking the collaboration and patronage of other local and international institutions.