Collective Intelligence

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Collective Intelligence is a series of deep-dive sessions lasting up to one month; they are encounters where artists, thinkers and activists work on parallel and shared projects, influencing each other in a convivial frame. The participants in 2017-18, living and working in Finland, Germany and in Palermo, have formed a group based on their long experience with trans-disciplinary projects.


Collective Intelligence Participants

Timo Tuhkanen (FI), Egle Oddo (IT/FI), Johanna Fredriksson (FI), Alan Bulfin (IE/FI), Erika De Martino (IT/FI), Jytte Hill (DE), Ionas Amelung (DE), Marjatta Oja (FI), Antti Ahonen (FI), Saša Nemec (SI/FI), Leonardo Ruvolo (IT)



Collective Intelligence’s work is supported by the Arts Promotion Centre Finland, Frame Contemporary Art Finland, AVEK The Promotion Centre for Audiovisual Culture.

The partners are Fondazione Orestiadi, The STEBICEF Department of Palermo University, Dimora Oz, KOELSE Association of Experimental Electronics, PRO AV Saarikko, and Helsinki based Myymälä2 gallery. Collective Intelligence is seeking the collaboration and patronage of other local and international institutions.